Explore the bottom with a replica PANERAI Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic


There are replica watches that you do not care to look at, watches made for the ethers, replica watches for worn in official appearances … And there are also replica watches born to resist the toughest conditions in the most dangerous areas of the planet without losing the elegance to the wrist. In this latter category are Officine replica Panerai diving replica watches . From exploring coral reefs and diving in the ocean abyss to … a swim in the pool of a hotel, the Panerai’s Luminor Sumbersible withstand all sorts of pressures and remain fully functional even in depths that the toughest divers encounter with difficulty diving.

The Luminor Submersible collection was designed by Panerai in line with the high demands of Guillaume Néry, a professional diver, who has been one of the world’s leading free-diving athletes. Diving at a depth of 120 meters or more is something that few people can achieve with just one breath. For the two-time world champion this is his everyday life and having a wrist capable of withstanding these enormous pressures was a prerequisite.

Since he remembered himself, Guillaume Néry loved the sea. Specializing in free-diving with a fixed weight, he defeated the world record four times (2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008) and won the title of world champion in 2008 and 2011. Today, despite being withdrawn from the racing action, he continues to train and diving as a professional. At the same time, he teaches younger and still explores the secrets of the underwater world in different parts of the world.

Recently, Guillaume became ambassador of Officine replica Panerai and chose to take in all his submarine explorations the Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanium – 47mm.

Interview: watchesreplica.co.uk – newcomers, auctions and the future of the replica watch trade


And always the question: where do I buy watches online? After all, there are countless possibilities on the net. I have already introduced some in this watch blog (for example here).

In addition to ebay, various other auction houses and well-known watch marketplaces, there are a large number of other online providers and retailers. Some are “old-established” and a felt eternity. And then there are the newcomers, the “young savages”, who only started their online trade in luxury watches two or three years ago. And it is precisely these newcomers who are quite, let’s say, “actively” entering the market. And apparently that pays off …
Going active in the market probably also involves contacting blogger bloggers like me and suggesting a cooperation. I’m generally not averse to that, as long as the whole thing has a certain format. In this case, the format is interview, because I believe that you as the reader and the cooperation partner watchesreplica.co.uk have the most of it. I also like to try something. Here we are;)

The interview took place with Stefan Sebök (29) via e-mail. I received some information in advance. And of course, even looked. Stefan Sebök is, together with Christopher Fischer (28), not only Horando CEO, but also an authorized art auctioneer. That alone indicates a lot. – But read for yourself. In the interview, of course, it’s about Horando and replica watches, but also about one or the other development of the watch trade. To read until the end could be worthwhile. – Have fun!

Interview: watchesreplica.co.uk – newcomers, auctions and the future of the replica watch trade

Hello Mr. Sebök, let’s start with something personal: which watch are you wearing? And why exactly these?
Currently I am wearing a U-BOAT Chimera Limited Edition with the reference 7226, which is limited to 999 pieces worldwide. U-BOAT is an Italian manufactory that was originally supposed to produce watches for the Italian Navy. A fancy clock and something different.

Swiss replica watch manufacturer Rolex launched their very first GMT-Master


Swiss replica watch manufacturer Rolex launched their very first GMT-Master with the reference number 6542 in 1955. It became the start of the GMT Master, which was in production for almost 45 years before replica Rolex wrote the last chapter of the model. In fact, the second-most GMT-Master became what has the reference 16700. This model was in production from 1988 to 1999. Despite the fact that the last GMT-Master 16700 was produced 19 years ago, the replica watch is still performing well. And as it’s the pilot today, it is sold today at high prices.

The very first pilot trip with the reference 6542 came on the market after the rise in the number of travelers using air transport across the globe in the 1950s. This meant that the pilots faced some new challenges. They should know the time in several different time zones at the same time. At the request of Pan-Am Airlines, who sought a watch that could help their pilots, Rolex launched the GMT-Master, which has since been known as the pilot’s replica watches.

In 1983, replica Rolex launched GMT-Master II with the reference 16760. However, even though Rolex introduced the new GMT-Master II, it did not mean that the GMT Master had to be taken out of the market yet. For 1988, replica Rolex introduced a completely new version of GMT-Master. The so-called 16700. At this time, it was only a year ago that the new GMT-Master II with the reference 16710 came on the market. GMT-Master ref. 16700 mostly resembled GMT-Master II ref. 16710. The difference was in the price, since ref. 16700 could be obtained for less money.

Increase in value

To ref. 16700 could be purchased for less than GMT Master II was mixed second because it was only produced in steel. However, the steel has no effect on the clock’s price today. For exactly this model, in about four years, it has cost 45,000 kroner in good condition to cost around 70,000 kroner today. A clock there, despite having risen a lot in value, still has a significant investment potential forwards.
The craftsman behind GMT-Master 16700

As with all watches from fake Rolex, a sublime craftsmanship was also added in GMT-Master 16700. This model features a caliber 3175, where the two wizards are independent of each other. This means that GMT Master can display two time zones. GMT Master II, on the other hand, can show a third. In addition, the clock is “quickset”, which makes it easy to change the date without having to drive the handler by 12. The clock also has the hacking feature, which makes it possible to clock the work when the work stops completely. out in the crown. The watch also has four wizards. Secondary, minute viewer, timer and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which is the red display indicating the second time zone.

The replica watch was adorned with the freakproof sapphire, which is known to be the material that protects the disc best. Timemarkers should be luminous and surrounded by white gold. In addition, the replica Rolex model offered an oyster or jubilee. However, replica Rolex introduced a new patented closure on the oyster link in 1989, which would prevent the link from opening by mistake and therefore increased the safety of the replica watch.

Franck Muller Replica Watches A little Swiss gem at UrHandleren


When replica Franck Muller was founded in 1992 in Geneva by replica Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes, it was the purpose of making exclusive watches with advanced horological features and a unique design. The vision is said to have been successful, because today the replica watches have marked themselves in the market as among the world’s finest with a readily recognizable design and some of the most complicated watches.
The story behind

Prior to the establishment of the company in 1992, Franck Muller produced his own watches under the name of Franck Genève brand. It was already early in life that Franck Muller decided to dedicate his life to producing watches that could be more than just showing the time. He therefore graduated from the Geneva School of Watch Making and after a few years in the industry, he began his own production of replica watches.

In 1983 he was able to present the first wrist watches, all of which were equipped with complicated watches. Franck Muller learned that there was a market for the unique replica watches. In order to meet this demand, Franck Muller has since regularly come up with impressive designs in replica watches, which have never been seen before. Hours, as he said at the start, worked alone. For he actually did everything alone and in the old way. He produced and adjusted for each and every component with his hands. It also meant that production was limited and at this time only about 3-4 hours per year was produced.

In 1991, replica Franck Muller met Vartan Sirmakes, who wanted to make the company grow from small to large production. Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmake became partners and the factory in Geneva was founded. Then it went from being a small business to the big brand that replica Franck Muller is known for today.

The distinctive design

In addition to producing some of the world’s most advanced watches, the brand also differs from a unique design. The urens are, among other things, easily recognizable by Franck Muller’s most distinctive and iconic form “Cintrée Curvex”. This shape is seen on the curved case. Additionally, you can not forget to notice the big and pretty special numbers on the watches. Both the form and the numbers are so far as defining Franck Miller’s unique identity.

Replica Franck Muller’s world premiere

Copy Franck Muller has through time produced several different functions in cheap watches, as never seen before. For example, he recognized early that the tour ticket was an important invention. An invention he chose to reconsider as he, as the very first in the world, produced a tourbillion that was visible from the front. It was in contrast to the other brands where it could only be seen from the baggage box.

In 2007, Franck Muller replica launched a unique masterpiece “The Aeternitas Mega”, which entered the “ur history books” as being the most complicated clock in the world with its 36 complications and 1,483 components.

Four years later in 2011, cheap Franck Muller launched another clock that could turn out to be the record farmers. The clock “the Giga Tourbillon” as it is today is the wristwatch with the biggest tourbillion incorporated.

These are just some of the many world premiere that the brand is behind. So it’s no wonder that replica Franck Muller is known as the “Master of Complications”.

Review of hours of replica Cartier Santos 100 W2020009


In some circles, the French brand replica Cartier appears more like a jewelry manufacturer than a replica watch. Nevertheless, the brand has a long history, including as a creator of exquisite watches combined with a unique style that can not be ignored.

The original replica Cartier watches Santos was reportedly designed and created by Louis Cartier himself in 1904 for his friend, the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont. Santos is one of the founders of the Cartier collection for a long time.

The Santos line has many variations, however, all styles are close to the original. The overall detail is a square case, slightly curved on both sides. On the dial there are easily recognizable Cartier replica markers – Roman numerals.

Watches Santos 100 are made of steel with the addition of rose gold and amorphous diamond-like carbon. The replica Cartier brand offers a classic design of watches with pink gold, used for manufacturing built-in markers on the black dial, arrows and crowns, giving the replica watch an elegant look. All arrows have a SuperLumiNova coating layer, which helps to see the time at night in the absence of lighting.

The model has a simple but stylish design, a square disk that is combined with a heptagonal crown made of rose gold with a faceted black sapphire. The model is equipped with the Swiss ETA mechanism.

One of my favorite parts of this replica watch is a strap, it is made of thick black nylon with a doubling of the skin. While the total weight of the watch is just under 140 grams, the nylon strap is very comfortable and this watch is easy to carry. The strap is easily adjustable by easy sipping for an extra nylon strap, which then folds on the inside, forming a bracelet. When the closure is closed, it shows a piece of pink gold in the middle of the buckle, and the buckle is decorated with black steel screws, which give a magnificent contrast to gold.

The watch is 51 mm high and 43 mm wide, made of matt-doped steel, which has been carefully processed with a brush. Small matte rounded corners, give the model a manly, somewhat shiny appearance. ADLC replica watches cover is scratch resistant and less prone to being fingerprints on it. Like most replica Cartier watches, the back of the Cartier Santos 100 is very sturdy, with the classic replica Cartier name and the name of the Santos 100 model.



Schaffhausen, January 16, 2018 – For the first time, replica watches IWC Schaffhausen proposes a presale in a selection of references of the new Da Vinci collection that the Swiss watch manufacturer will officially present to the global audience at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) ) in Geneva. The clocks can be booked during the SIHH and picked up at the IWC replica boutiques.


“In the era of Internet and electronic commerce, watch lovers no longer want to wait for long months to have the new models. That is why for the first time we offer customers the possibility to buy a limited selection of references from the collection on the same day as its global launch, “explains Georges Kern, CEO of replica watches IWC Schaffhausen. Reservations can be made through IWC.com and can be picked up at an replica IWC boutique at the end of January. Regular sales will begin in April 2017.

Several references of the Da Vinci Automatic 36 (Ref 4583) and the Da Vinci Automatic Phases of the Moon 36 (Ref 4593), among others, will be for sale. This collection highlights the feminine offer of replica IWC – as evidenced by the reduced diameter of the box, the articulated belt seals, the bevels set and the Santoni leather straps in different colors.

Replica Watches Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel Limited Edition


When you think about replica watches related to space, its space or space programs, you probably come to mind such watches as Omega Speedmaster or Bell & Ross Space 1. Do you know that the famous watch brand replica Breitling also has hours associated with the great space programs of the 20th century? This is true, and in this review of the watch we will consider a model for astronauts Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel Limited Edition, which is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of spaceflight.

On May 24, 1962, the replica Breitling Navitimer space clock was on the wrist of astronaut Scott Carpenter as he flew the Earth three times in the Aurora 7 capsule. These replica watches were very different from the others at that time, namely, because they had a 24-hour dial, this makes it easy to navigate between day and night, which is not so easy to do when you are in Earth orbit. A few years ago, Breitling released a limited edition version of Navitimer Cosmonaute in honor of Mr. Carpenter’s mission. Currently, in 2013, the Breitling brand has produced Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel in black steel and also a limited version.

Of course, this model brings us back to its predecessor fifty years ago. The new replica Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Blacksteel Limited Edition watch has a black 42 mm wide steel casing made with a carbon coating that is more scratch resistant than just steel. Also black have a dial, an auxiliary set and arrows, all this is diluted with white shades of hour markers, markers, indexes and arrows covered with high-quality luminescent composition. Auxiliary arrows have red shades. All these details make a fairly readable clock face.

Breitling Navitimer replica Cosmonaute Blacksteel wristwatches have a mechanism made by replica Breitling – Caliber B02, which has reached the COSC certification. This is a manual plant mechanism, it has both a 24-hour scale and functions that existed with the original model – the brand honors memory. The mechanism operates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, also has a chronograph with 1/4 second accuracy, 30-minute and 12-hour counters located on the 6th and 12th hour mark, respectively. The date box is on the 9th hour mark.

Replica Watches Omega Seamaster Co-Axial Aqua Terra 15000 Gauss


The greatest distribution of men’s wristwatches has received classic models on metal bracelets. They remain favorite for many types of people and perfectly match almost any style of clothing. The famous Swiss replica watches brand replica Omega presents its new Seamaster Co-Axial Aqua Terra 15000 Gauss wristwatch classic style.

The new Omega Seamaster Co-Axial Aqua Terra 15000 Gauss watch has a black lacquered dial with vertical lines. Large hour markers and long arrows are made of steel, they have a high-quality luminescent composition, which makes the dial legible at night. In the direction for 3 hours is a small window with a date. The dial is finished with brightly yellow details on the second hand and indices, making it contrast and legible. All this splendor is protected by a very strong sapphire crystal.

The case of the Swiss replica watch Omega Seamaster Co-Axial Aqua Terra 15000 Gauss is made of stainless steel 41.5 mm wide, it perfectly matches with a stainless steel bracelet or a brown leather strap. Waterproof model is 150 meters, which allows not only to swim, but even to dive to a shallow depth.

Inside the wristwatch of the replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is an innovative mechanism that boasts a high resistance from magnetic fields of more than 1.5 Tesla (15,000 Gauss) without the use of a protective casing. Instead, it consists of certain non-ferrous metals, which makes it an antimagnetic mechanism. Even when exposed to a magnetic field exceeding 15,000 gauss, the mechanism ensures reliable operation.

Unlike the replica Omega Seamaster Co-Axial Aqua Terra 15000 Gauss men’s watch, many models to eliminate the influence of magnetism usually use internal protection – a special case. But its use completely closes a wonderful view of the mechanism and also makes it impossible to produce a date window. And since the new innovative coax mechanism Seamaster Aqua Terra caliber 8508 certified COSC does not use the inner case, it boasts a transparent sapphire crystal on the back cover, a stunning view of the mechanism and a window with a date.

UrHandleren says no thanks to waiting lists


In England, we are lucky to have some of Europe’s most beautiful and competent distributors. We at UrHandleren can easily understand that some customers in the market have these stores as a first choice. However, one can argue that a part of the clock from, for example, Rolex is so high that less than 10 percent of what the market actually can deliver is delivered.
If you today go to a bargain dealer to buy a steel watch from some of Rolex’s sports, then you will most likely be asked to come back in six months to two years. In some cases even four and even ten years.

In addition, you generally do not have the right to deposit and thus lock the price, which means that in the meantime you may be exposed to several price increases on the clock, and you still end up paying significantly more for it than what may be the case today. Thus, we sell daily waiting clocks over price 100 on the basis of the fact that the customer, regardless of what is likely to be exposed to price increases in the waiting time, thus enjoying his replica watches  already – but at a certain premium.

Another factor is that the store hardly gives you an exact delivery date. The stores do not seem to know whether customers should be on the waiting list for nine months or a year and a half when it comes to most Rolex sports models. And we know that there are a lot of customers who are struggling to live with.

One thing is to wait. Another thing is to wait indefinitely for an indefinite price.
At UrHandleren, on the other hand, you know your delivery time and not least the price.
Wake up with obstacles and waiting lists

At UrHandleren you will find that the waiting lists do not exist. We buy the clock at a relatively higher premium rate in Europe so that we can offer the clock in the Danish market immediately after. So we surrender the market to win the clock for our stock.
If a watch is sold at price 100 in a regular store for indicative price, then we may offer 120 for the clock in Europe and then sell it to 125 at home. We therefore surrender the EU market when we parallelize the clock.

So the difference between the watchman and the authorized dealers when it comes to waiting lists is first of all that we are more easily available and can deliver immediately. The moment we have issued an order confirmation, the clock and your UrHandler are on your way to your arm. Probably already a day after, because we have the vast majority of waiting lists in stock in the Bank Box.

One thing that is certain is that we are not hiding that we are more expensive when it comes to waiting lists. We always make it completely clear to our customers. This is expressed, inter alia, when you access our website. Here you can see the indicative price, which is 100, below which you see our price, such as price 110 or 150, depending on which date it is and how the market is on that day.

The price may change

The market can thus change. Therefore, as a customer, we need to be aware that if one day goes to a price of 125, it is important to note that we can have the clock at home in course 115 as well as in course 145 for the day or month. Simply because there are more or less of that model in the market. This does not mean that over time, an extremely bad investment will be replica rolex made. It simply means that there are fluctuations in the market, which we are not masters of. We always keep our fixed percentage gains and let the market forces prevail. It is comparable to shares. You can easily buy a cheaper share tomorrow than you can today and vice versa.

Competitive prices

Even though we have to follow the market and its fluctuations, we have over 1000 watches for sale. And in over 98 percent of the time, we are cheaper than the suggested indicative prices. At most clocks, you can see completely correct or estimated indicative prices for unclean while you can see our price for yourself. And you will find that we sell the watches cheapest.

Examples of waiting list clocks, of which we have the most in stock today:
Replica Rolex Submariner “No Date” Reference 114060
Replica Rolex Submariner Date Steel Reference 116610LN
Replica Rolex Submariner “HULK” Green / Green Reference 116610LV
Replica Rolex “Batman” GMT II Reference: 116710 BLNR
Replica Rolex Daytona Steel / Steel Reference: 116500LN
Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller 43 mm “Red” Reference 126600
Replica Rolex Skydweller Blue Reference: 326934

You are always welcome to contact us if you have more questions about our waiting lists.

We are always at your phone ready to advise you.