Do you know why so many people want to wear replica watches? Recently, a lot of “Kuzin” clocks appeared in the news, causing “famous doors.” Now fake Rolex watches not only look at time, but also have a wealth of wealth, less than a few thousand dollars, more than several… Continue Reading Do you know why so many people want to wear replica watches

The replica Omega Speedmaster – what a hype this replica watches has experienced in recent years and decades. Especially the moonwatch. So that legendary watch that was on the moon in 1969 with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Since then, replica Omega has cleverly built and expanded both the model… Continue Reading Money: Replica Omega Speedmaster Automatic Triple Date (Mark 40 / MK40)

And always the question: where do I buy watches online? After all, there are countless possibilities on the net. I have already introduced some in this watch blog (for example here). In addition to ebay, various other auction houses and well-known watch marketplaces, there are a large number of other… Continue Reading Interview: – newcomers, auctions and the future of the replica watch trade