There are replica watches that you do not care to look at, watches made for the ethers, replica watches for worn in official appearances … And there are also replica watches born to resist the toughest conditions in the most dangerous areas of the planet without losing the elegance to the wrist. In this latter category are Officine replica Panerai diving replica watches . From exploring coral reefs and diving in the ocean abyss to … a swim in the pool of a hotel, the Panerai’s Luminor Sumbersible withstand all sorts of pressures and remain fully functional even in depths that the toughest divers encounter with difficulty diving.

The Luminor Submersible collection was designed by Panerai in line with the high demands of Guillaume Néry, a professional diver, who has been one of the world’s leading free-diving athletes. Diving at a depth of 120 meters or more is something that few people can achieve with just one breath. For the two-time world champion this is his everyday life and having a wrist capable of withstanding these enormous pressures was a prerequisite.

Since he remembered himself, Guillaume Néry loved the sea. Specializing in free-diving with a fixed weight, he defeated the world record four times (2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008) and won the title of world champion in 2008 and 2011. Today, despite being withdrawn from the racing action, he continues to train and diving as a professional. At the same time, he teaches younger and still explores the secrets of the underwater world in different parts of the world.

Recently, Guillaume became ambassador of Officine replica Panerai and chose to take in all his submarine explorations the Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic Titanium – 47mm.

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