And always the question: where do I buy watches online? After all, there are countless possibilities on the net. I have already introduced some in this watch blog (for example here).

In addition to ebay, various other auction houses and well-known watch marketplaces, there are a large number of other online providers and retailers. Some are “old-established” and a felt eternity. And then there are the newcomers, the “young savages”, who only started their online trade in luxury watches two or three years ago. And it is precisely these newcomers who are quite, let’s say, “actively” entering the market. And apparently that pays off …
Going active in the market probably also involves contacting blogger bloggers like me and suggesting a cooperation. I’m generally not averse to that, as long as the whole thing has a certain format. In this case, the format is interview, because I believe that you as the reader and the cooperation partner have the most of it. I also like to try something. Here we are;)

The interview took place with Stefan Sebök (29) via e-mail. I received some information in advance. And of course, even looked. Stefan Sebök is, together with Christopher Fischer (28), not only Horando CEO, but also an authorized art auctioneer. That alone indicates a lot. – But read for yourself. In the interview, of course, it’s about Horando and replica watches, but also about one or the other development of the watch trade. To read until the end could be worthwhile. – Have fun!

Interview: – newcomers, auctions and the future of the replica watch trade

Hello Mr. Sebök, let’s start with something personal: which watch are you wearing? And why exactly these?
Currently I am wearing a U-BOAT Chimera Limited Edition with the reference 7226, which is limited to 999 pieces worldwide. U-BOAT is an Italian manufactory that was originally supposed to produce watches for the Italian Navy. A fancy clock and something different.

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