In some circles, the French brand replica Cartier appears more like a jewelry manufacturer than a replica watch. Nevertheless, the brand has a long history, including as a creator of exquisite watches combined with a unique style that can not be ignored.

The original replica Cartier watches Santos was reportedly designed and created by Louis Cartier himself in 1904 for his friend, the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont. Santos is one of the founders of the Cartier collection for a long time.

The Santos line has many variations, however, all styles are close to the original. The overall detail is a square case, slightly curved on both sides. On the dial there are easily recognizable Cartier replica markers – Roman numerals.

Watches Santos 100 are made of steel with the addition of rose gold and amorphous diamond-like carbon. The replica Cartier brand offers a classic design of watches with pink gold, used for manufacturing built-in markers on the black dial, arrows and crowns, giving the replica watch an elegant look. All arrows have a SuperLumiNova coating layer, which helps to see the time at night in the absence of lighting.

The model has a simple but stylish design, a square disk that is combined with a heptagonal crown made of rose gold with a faceted black sapphire. The model is equipped with the Swiss ETA mechanism.

One of my favorite parts of this replica watch is a strap, it is made of thick black nylon with a doubling of the skin. While the total weight of the watch is just under 140 grams, the nylon strap is very comfortable and this watch is easy to carry. The strap is easily adjustable by easy sipping for an extra nylon strap, which then folds on the inside, forming a bracelet. When the closure is closed, it shows a piece of pink gold in the middle of the buckle, and the buckle is decorated with black steel screws, which give a magnificent contrast to gold.

The watch is 51 mm high and 43 mm wide, made of matt-doped steel, which has been carefully processed with a brush. Small matte rounded corners, give the model a manly, somewhat shiny appearance. ADLC replica watches cover is scratch resistant and less prone to being fingerprints on it. Like most replica Cartier watches, the back of the Cartier Santos 100 is very sturdy, with the classic replica Cartier name and the name of the Santos 100 model.

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