Swiss replica watch manufacturer Rolex launched their very first GMT-Master with the reference number 6542 in 1955. It became the start of the GMT Master, which was in production for almost 45 years before replica Rolex wrote the last chapter of the model. In fact, the second-most GMT-Master became what has the reference 16700. This model was in production from 1988 to 1999. Despite the fact that the last GMT-Master 16700 was produced 19 years ago, the replica watch is still performing well. And as it’s the pilot today, it is sold today at high prices.

The very first pilot trip with the reference 6542 came on the market after the rise in the number of travelers using air transport across the globe in the 1950s. This meant that the pilots faced some new challenges. They should know the time in several different time zones at the same time. At the request of Pan-Am Airlines, who sought a watch that could help their pilots, Rolex launched the GMT-Master, which has since been known as the pilot’s replica watches.

In 1983, replica Rolex launched GMT-Master II with the reference 16760. However, even though Rolex introduced the new GMT-Master II, it did not mean that the GMT Master had to be taken out of the market yet. For 1988, replica Rolex introduced a completely new version of GMT-Master. The so-called 16700. At this time, it was only a year ago that the new GMT-Master II with the reference 16710 came on the market. GMT-Master ref. 16700 mostly resembled GMT-Master II ref. 16710. The difference was in the price, since ref. 16700 could be obtained for less money.

Increase in value

To ref. 16700 could be purchased for less than GMT Master II was mixed second because it was only produced in steel. However, the steel has no effect on the clock’s price today. For exactly this model, in about four years, it has cost 45,000 kroner in good condition to cost around 70,000 kroner today. A clock there, despite having risen a lot in value, still has a significant investment potential forwards.
The craftsman behind GMT-Master 16700

As with all watches from fake Rolex, a sublime craftsmanship was also added in GMT-Master 16700. This model features a caliber 3175, where the two wizards are independent of each other. This means that GMT Master can display two time zones. GMT Master II, on the other hand, can show a third. In addition, the clock is “quickset”, which makes it easy to change the date without having to drive the handler by 12. The clock also has the hacking feature, which makes it possible to clock the work when the work stops completely. out in the crown. The watch also has four wizards. Secondary, minute viewer, timer and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), which is the red display indicating the second time zone.

The replica watch was adorned with the freakproof sapphire, which is known to be the material that protects the disc best. Timemarkers should be luminous and surrounded by white gold. In addition, the replica Rolex model offered an oyster or jubilee. However, replica Rolex introduced a new patented closure on the oyster link in 1989, which would prevent the link from opening by mistake and therefore increased the safety of the replica watch.

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