I have noticed that in this category I mainly recommend mechanical vintage watches. And I even started with quartz watches years ago. The reason: At the time, I just did not dare to trust the mechanical vintage replica watches from Omega & Co. But as I encountered beautiful omegas with quartz movements and the prices of these replica watches uk were much lower than those of the mechanical brothers in the ebay search, I hit at some point.

I have not regretted this until today. On the contrary, I am glad to have these replica watches from the times of the quartz crisis in my collection. In my view, such quartz fake watches are also a nice entry point for aspiring vintage collectors – if you pay attention to a few things. But more on that later.

Again and again I make a small joke of entering renowned watch brands with the addition “quartz” or “quartz” (engl./Dt.) In the ebay search box and to see what happens. And believe me: There are some things going on;) I often come across interesting replica omega watches from well-known manufacturers – some of them with very unusual and unexpected designs.

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