Watch video blogger Tim Holzhäuser has tried it for his YouTube channel Caseback replica Watches: he has released the old Jubilee steel bracelet from his Vintage replica Rolex Datejust (Ref 16030) in Norway from the infamous “Stretch”. The result is surprising in many ways. A guest contribution.
Stretch on vintage replica Rolex bracelets: less is more – charm vs. style. loss

There are replica watch enthusiasts who find the rattle of a decades-old Rolex Jubilee charming. The rather light steel bracelet winds casually around the wrist, develops a life of its own with violent movements.

The problem: “stretch”, as the international collector’s scene calls the vile leaching, comes at some point an inaudible crack and then the clock falls off his arm. The reason is worn steel pins, which connect the individual links inside the bracelet. Dust and other deposits work like fine sandpaper with every movement. The pins of a jubilee worn over decades show proper breaking points during disassembly. Lovers of Vintage fake Rolex Datejusts have to come to grips with the fact that although the watch itself can be a purchase for life, the bracelet is an expensive consumable.

The solution:

Now a replica Rolex Datejust with Jubilee still cost in the 80s about 2,000 DM; The initial cost of a new jubilee was about 450 DM. Today, the original bracelet in unworn condition under 1,000 euros is hardly to get. Even used copies achieve at auctions (ebay partner link) regularly prices over 600 €.

While the quality of the steel of the old tapes is beyond all doubt, the functional design of the end pieces and clasp is spectacular when compared to contemporary tapes. A vintage fake Rolex Jubilee is not worth the current price.

The more interesting is the possibility to have the stretch repaired. Only a few years ago, this was feared by jewelers and watchmakers as “dirty work” and correspondingly expensive. New techniques, however, have lowered the price considerably.

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